Libretux Social

@NGIZero @fsfe Hi! I’m trying to convince @tuttle to send you a proposal to continue the development of We were working in @lleialtec (“loyal tech”, free software at local scale) but there is no funds anymore to continue the whole project: Please, fund at least GNGforms!

BTW, do you know specific funds for educational projects? Or… Should I send a proposal too to this very ? There is plenty of but even cooperatives or social initiatives don’t get the importance to switch to ethical tools. We even wrote a book but it’s not enough. So I would like to run a sister campaign of (local scale).

Thanks in advance :)


@tuttle @NGIZero Cool! I’m glad for it. You really deserve it. Good luck, veci!

@fsfe @NGIZero I will take a look. Thank you :) @tuttle